Feminine Phenom: Mother Nature

Feminine Phenom: Mother Nature

She is unapologetic in the fullest expression of her beauty.

Effortless in her creation and provision.

Forthcoming with the truth, 
intentional with her wisdom, 
and infinite in her intelligence.

She creates when she’s ready 
and rests when she’s tired.

She does not withhold her gifts out of self-doubt or unworthiness, 
but graciously offers them in abundance to all who are eager to receive.

She does not temper her rage out of fear of being judged, 
but leans into it with full cleansing force.

She weeps from abuse 
but doesn’t let it define her.

Remaining true to herself, 
she continues to create with all the glory, color, texture and possibility she possesses.

She graciously invites us to explore her mystery and expands us 
with the experience of adventure and discovery.

She recognizes her stewards, calls them forth, and rejoices in their protection.

Knowing that it is only through her that we are 
and consumed.

She shows us the ease of balance 
and the necessity of duality.

She teaches us not to fear the dark, 
but to embrace the shadows 
for the secrets they hold.

She shows us the fullness of redemption 
and the beauty of new beginnings.

Thank you, MoNa, for sharing your answers with all who are willing to ask.

Keep showing us all the power and might that exists in our truest feminine nature 🙌

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