Women’s History Month: The Wild Woman

Feminine Phenom International Women’s Day Edition

I felt the pressure today. How do I choose one woman, one face, one body of work to represent each of us?

From RBG to Mother Teresa? Oprah? Ellen? Mulalah? Sally Ride? Queen Elizabeth? Lady Di? Rosa Parks?

Who was the ONE WOMAN we could all connect with? Who was the ONE WOMAN who left the indelible mark of feminine? Who was the ONE WOMAN who’s life served as a catapult for our collective progress?

Who was the ONE WOMAN who showed us just how powerful it is to be a woman?

Oh yeah. I remember.

It is the Wild Woman

The woman who ignored who they told her to be and showed them who she was.

The woman who knew in her bones why she was here and trusted her soul to lead the way.

The woman who didn’t come to compete with others, but to complete her own journey.

The woman who activated the same wild spirit in her sisters.

The woman who knows well behaved women rarely make history.

The woman who lights the path with a fire that doesn’t lie and heart that doesn’t quit.

The woman who is in each of us and pushes and pulls until she finds her path.


That’s her.

That’s the International Woman that has resided in all of our stories. All of our souls. And all of our progress.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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