The Entrepreneur Spouse: When You’re Stuck Between Your Marriage and Your Purpose

Serving a purpose while developing a marriage can sometimes feel like competing agendas. Both purpose and a marriage require intense devotion, support, and a long-term vision.

But when one person is purpose driven, and the marital partner isn’t- trouble can strike. The purpose-driven partner can start to feel isolated in his or her quest for changing the world. They can start to feel guilty for pouring so much time into their purpose, while the spouse or family waits at home. They can even start to feel disconnected from their spouse because they lack a connection on something that is so crucial to them, yet their spouse doesn’t necessarily relate.

It’s no picnic for the spouse either. Waking up every day, watching your partner walk out the door with a vision to change the world can shine a light on their lack of purpose. It can often feel like the business gets the best of their partner, while they get the rest of them. And, it can feel like so much of life orbits around the business/purpose, there isn’t time or space for them to add their own passion to the mix.

Enter The Entreprenewer. The Entreprenewer is a program for the women of entrepreneurial households. It is designed to level the playing field between business and marriage. Our time together will restore the crucial sense of Play, Praise, and Purpose women need to grow in business and marriage.

Contact me for details to see if this is right for you and your spouse.

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