Somewhere between WARRIOR and GODDESS

I’m a recovering WARRIOR.

A woman who white knuckled everything in the name of perseverance and grit, I was quick to draw my sword and my shield. Sometimes out of protection, sometimes out of productivity, but always FIERCE. Because FIERCE is my default. And because FIERCE is celebrated. And for most of my life, it was my only mode.

The way of the WARRIOR WOMAN no longer excites me. In fact, it repels me. It has exhausted me to my core.

I don’t care about competing and comparing and the grit and the grind any more. It’s torpedoed my health and relationships. It hasn’t proven sustainable for a well-rounded, rich life with deep connections.

But, it’s also hard for me to connect to GODDESS culture. The ones that effortlessly pull off feathers in their hair and seemingly float around fire and water donning jeweled halos over dewy, glistening bodies.

I admire those women, but it’s hard to relate to a GODDESS when I’m sifting and sorting through a purse filled with baseballs and jock straps all day.

I want the women who care about success at work AND enjoyment at home.

I want the women who know their PURPOSE is bigger than their past.

I want the women who know there is more in store for them, and as a result, their families.

I want the women who are willing to come along side their men – or raise them up – not defeat them or demean them.

I want the women who appreciate the path “the patriarchy” has laid, but are now willing to contribute a more enjoyable path to success.

I want those women to join me in the feminine rising for the future that is female.

Are you ready for it?

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