"I hired Kelly to speak at our Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and Company Retreat after seeing her speak at another function and wow, am I glad I did. Her passion for our industry and her wisdom about how to maximize productivity was such a welcomed addition to our event. She was easy to work with and truly connected with our audience. We received great feedback from our team members and partners! I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is looking to create a valuable experience for their event attendees both personally and professionally. She is AMAZING!" -Amanda K.

"Kelly helped me achieve new heights that I didnt even know existed. She is a pleasure to work with, an EXPERT at what she does... and an all around ROCK STAR. Kell, I can never repay you for what you have done for me, my family, and my career."   ~Douglas C.

"Kelly does incredible, life changing and transformational work!  I have known Kelly for about two years now and in working with her, I have had major breakthroughs and she has helped me look at things with a totally new and different perspective that I haven't been able to access before!  I have also recommended her to work with other individuals as well as businesses and everyone marvels at Kelly's work!"   ~Becky G.

"I am so grateful for Kelly and her coaching! She helped me dig deep, prioritize the things that are important to me, and she held me accountable.  I grew so much this year because of her. I Highly reccomend her!" ~Andrea D.

"My husband (an entrepreneur) and I have worked with Kelly 3 different times over the last 4 years. She has been more than helpful (that’s why I keep going back). She can quickly discern obstacles and challenges and help navigate a path for success. We love kelly!"  ~Robyn B.

"I met Kelly 7 years ago through Lifebook.  Kelly was my facilitator and one of those people in life you just know will be in your life, for life.  I recently participated in her inaugural retreat.   It was an intimate setting filled with a thoughtful, engaging agenda which enabled our group of fascinating women to build an immense bond.  I was so impressed with Kelly's ability to facilitate deep conversations while keeping the environment safe and encouraging. Kelly is one of the most authentic people I've met.  She has a wonderful mix of life experience and genuine devotion to personal growth, which you are immediately immersed in the moment you are in her presence.   I am grateful for having experienced this retreat - it was time absolutely well spent and needed. I look forward to her next one."  ~Caryn K.

"Play, Praise and Purpose - all points are so important in anyone's life, and so easily forgotten. As a wife of a very busy businessman, the mother of 2 girls and an entrepreneur myself, I have forgotten each one of these points at some point. I have struggled with my identity or purpose, omitted play nearly completely, being sidetracked by school, the house, my business and clients, and have probably spoken too many words of criticism instead of praise. Kelly's book reminded me of the importance of all and how they play into success. Well-written, professional and a must read for any entrepreneur and spouse. Kelly touches a market that is often forgotten."  ~Caryn O.

The Power of Play, Praise and Purpose "I appreciated the exercises in the book and as a 3 company family (his, hers and ours) I know WE both matter. And I know we both must continue to evolve. Can't wait for you to write a kids version!"  ~Kim B.

The Power of Play, Praise and Purpose "A must read for all those in a relationship desiring to live the life of love - on purpose!!"  ~John N.