The Power of Play, Praise & Purpose

After 15+ years in the coaching industry, Kelly Clements has correctly identified the spouse as one of the most powerful forces in business. Because entrepreneurs have rewritten the rules of business, Kelly has rewritten the rules of entrepreneurial marriages. She has taken all of the coaching principles she has taught her executive clients over the years and reverse engineered them for the spouse. This gives couples equal footing in creating a shared life purpose outside of the business.

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Kelly speaks about The Three Best Kept Secrets of
Thriving Entrepreneurial Couples

  • The Power of Play

    Entrepreneurs thrive in a flow state, which is why they tend to gravitate towards work. By instilling a strong sense of play in their marriage, entrepreneurs are more engaged in quality time away from work. Play is also where couples reunite through a sense of shared enjoyment.

  • The Power of Praise

    Traits that make us successful in business can be a real challenge at home. If we’re driven at work, we’re stubborn workaholics at home. By focusing on the power of praise, couples are empowered to help one recognize when strengths show up as weaknesses so fights become fair.

  • The Power of Purpose

    Often, the spouse can lose sense of purpose in the inertia of the business. Helping couples recommit to a shared sense of purpose outside the business brings greater fulfillment to the spouse, makes them bulletproof, & revives the marriage and the entrepreneur.

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