Self-Care Brain Dump Worksheet

Why use a Self-Care Brain Dump Worksheet?

Let’s face it, sometimes our brains are so full, its overwhelming. For me, this happens particularly at nighttime, when I’m trying to fall asleep. Sometimes, it happens first thing in the morning when you wake up and your mind starts racing with all of the things you need to do that day. Or, you might find it hard to concentrate any time of the day, if your mind is racing.

A brain dump is literally just that: dumping the thoughts swirling around in your brain onto your phone or a piece of paper. (If it is nighttime, its probably a better option to dump your thoughts onto paper and not on something electronic.

Sometimes its enough to just write down all of your thoughts. Or, you might feel better if you can organize your thoughts. Either way, I have you covered with this pretty Brain Dump Worksheet. (Dumps can be pretty, right?)

As part of your Psychological Self-Care, use this worksheet to de-clutter your mind and thoughts as often as needed. I think you’ll find it works well to calm your mind. It can also help you gain focus on things that need to be prioritized, making you more productive.

You might want to date and hold on to your worksheets. Then you can look back to see if there any patterns and habits that you might want to address.

You’ve got this!

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