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Women's Retreat in Mexico

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Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita, Riviera Maya

If growing a business and a marriage were easy- everyone would do it. That's why, as business owners, we join masterminds to help give us clarity, perspective, and strategies to grow our business. We serve as an independent Board of Directors for one another in full support of business growth.

But who does your wife turn to when she needs that same support? Often, it's well-meaning friends and families who are quick to join in on the commiserating that comes with the journey of entrepreneurship + marriage.

But in a mastermind of women committed to business and marital growth, we help one another see our blind-spots. We stand for the healthy, balanced growth of the marriage and the business. We understand the power of WOMEN committed to inclusion, unity, and growth is the most powerful force on the planet.

We stand for growth in business and love. We stand for balance in our personal identity and fulfillment. We understand our marriages and our businesses only grow when we grow as individuals.

Most importantly, we take time for fun! To fill our own cups with a like-minded community of other women who are navigating life in the entrepreneurial household. When women gather, incredible things happen. When women gather in the spirit of personal and relational development, the sky's the limit!

My next mini-mastermind for the women of entrepreneurial households is kicking off April 25- 28 in Riviera Maya. We'll be at an ultra-luxe resort for a deep dive on the Power of Play, Praise, and Purpose. All with the goal of sending her home with renewed pep in her step and a renewal of her personal passion and purpose!

If you wanna come play with us, let me know. The hotel still has space, and I’ve met my goal, so we’re in bonus mode. And bonus mode is a GORGEOUS place to be. Our agenda is below.

Thursday: Welcome Dinner 

Meet in lobby at 5:00 for drinks and 6:00 dinner

Table Topic: Power of Desire: Intentions for 2019 and power of women connecting & creating




Friday: Spa | Release Day

9:00 Yoga

Free Thelazzo pool day, Paddleboarding, book on a beach...

Rolling spa/ one-on-one coaching appointments

5:00 Temazcal Ceremony (ancient Mayan healing practice)

7:00 Dinner

Table Topic: Power of Surrender: Forgiveness & Allowing


Saturday: Play Day

Day trip to Tulum and Cenote excursions

Evening Tequila Tasting & Dinner

Table Topic: Power of Play: Creating Ecstatic Joy


Sunday: Farewell Breakfast

8:00 Yoga

10:00 Farewell brunch

Table Topic: Power of Celebration: celebrating the arrival of all of our intentions



Come play with us!


Email KellyOr call (847) 373-4360