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Entrepreneur and Spouse Coaching

Being an entrepreneur can be a long, lonely road. This gives rise to the need for coaches and mastermind groups. When entrepreneurs find opportunities to connect with others going through the same manic journey, it alleviates the self-doubt and feelings of being overwhelmed that we experience when we're in isolation.

Until now, spouses have not had that luxury. Spouse programs have been offered as a vehicle to encourage spouses to become an even more supportive to their entrepreneurial husband or wife.  But when the entrepreneur and his or her spouse are focused on becoming the best versions of themselves, they become more resilient to the added stress entrepreneurship brings.

The goal of business is to scale up, the goal in marraige should be to scale together.  This often happens by getting back to the basics. The most extraordinary couples share a common purpose, and my coaching programs focus on this.

Counseling vs. Coaching?

Counseling is useful for individuals or couples working through healing wounds of the past.  Whether it's wounds from your childhood or resolving past pain in the relationship, counseling is a useful platform to begin the rebuilding process.

However, if you are looking for a resource that is geared toward helping couples align toward a bigger future, coaching may be a better option.  My coaching approach is built on one simple philosophy: it take TWO extraordinary people to create ONE extraordinary relationship.

Entrepreneurial Relationships

Entrepreneurship offers a unique dynamic to a love relationship. Somehow, the business becomes a third party in the relationship. It can become the source of our identity and the catalyst for the health (or lack thereof) of our relationship. It becomes the governing body of how well we "show up" for our spouse. It is crucial for us to reclaim our love relationship from the grip of our business if we are to truly step into our power as couple.

In entrepreneurial relationships, it is easy for one partner to feel lost in the gravitational pull of the entrepreneur's orbit.  At a certain point, they begin to question "What about me?  What about my passion and purpose?  Where's it all going to fit?"

Those are some of the issues and questions we address through our work together.  If this sounds like an approach that would help you find more personal purpose and fulfillment, there are three options for you to consider.

Individual & Couples Coaching:  My one-on-one program is designed to give individuals and/or couples personal attention as they work toward creating a bigger, shared future.  These calls happen via telephone once per week, every week for 12 weeks.  Please schedule a free call below for more information.

Women's Coaching Group:  This is a community exclusively for women entrepreneurs. As driven, ambitious women, we experience a unique dynamic in our relationships that can sometimes leave our men feeling...shall we say, resigned. My coaching groups strike a perfect balance of business and relationship strategies so we can stay focused on growing our business while we work on empowering our men to be The Man we so desperately desire. The mastermind is for eight weeks, with auto-renew available every month after. It includes weekly (zoom) video conference calls plus call recordings and a private Facebook group. Please schedule a free call below to see if we are a good fit.

Spouse Online Program: For the wives of entrepreneurs. Best for those wishing to explore the content at their own pace and in total privacy.  My online program is my best content and strategies packaged in bite-size, actionable videos that share strategies that will help you understand where to start on your search for more purpose.  It will reveal the best practices of thriving entrepreneurial couples and reveal where all the dormant connection lies in your relationship.


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