Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone for Real Growth

All growth occurs outside of your comfort zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Please enjoy this short video blog training, the link is below. But first, you may want to read this blog post because I mention it in the video.

This past weekend, I had a brief but powerful visit with a body healer.  He explained that he helps people clear blocks in their lives by clearing blocks in their bodies. I told him, “I don’t THINK I have any blocks, I’m in a really good place, but can you please check??”

He said, “If I gave you news that would devastate you, show me how your body would react.”

I hunched my shoulders and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

“Looks like you may have a block in your heart. Lie down please.”

I laid down and he began pressing into my chest.  He kept moving his hands around, pressing into areas across my chest.  I could see he was using most of his strength as he did his work.

But there was no pain response.

He picked up my hand and squeezed my pressure point between my thumb and pointer finger.


“Can you feel any of this? Based on how hard I’m working, you should be in agony.” He asked.

“I can feel that you’re touching me. But, it just doesn’t hurt.” I replied.

“There’s your block,” he replied. “What happens if you allow yourself to feel the pain?”

I opened myself up to let it hurt. I allowed the pressure to turn into pain and the moment I did, I felt a surge of energy take over my body.  I could feel my body come back online as energy coursed through me.

Ironically, it was the pain that took me straight to pleasure.

I used to think my ability to “transcend” the pain was a gift.  I used to call that my “strength”. My journey left me so “strong” that I was able to breeze through hard times without skipping a beat.

Now I see it wasn’t my strength.

It was a pseudo-armor. A thick layer that left me unable to feel any pain.

And because I was so skilled at avoiding pain, I also avoided massive pleasure!

The plot twist for me is that I already live a pretty great life. I have more fun than most people I know. But now I recognize that allowing in the full spectrum of life makes even more pleasure possible.

So, while “allowing myself to feel the pain” seems like an ironic Self Care win, it allowed me to pick up the parts of me I had left on the side of the road, to nurture them, and allow my full self to continue this technicolor journey of life.

Life is so good. And so painful. And it all serves us, if we’re willing??

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