About Kelly Clements

Kelly began her coaching career with the industry leader, Dan Sullivan and The Strategic Coach in 2004.  On day one at 'Coach', she identified that the spouse played an undeniable role in an entrepreneur's success. After successfully leading thousands of entrepreneurs through the Strategic Coach Program, she advanced her career to session director at Lifebook.

Directing the program at Lifebook afforded Kelly the opportunity to continue coaching entrepreneurs- only this time, they brought their spouses.  Hearing the perspective of the spouse shed new light on just how powerful this role was. She quickly identified that the best way to serve her entrepreneurial clients, was to include the spouse.  This ensured they were working towards their bigger future together- as individuals and a couple.

Ultimately, it was her own personal relationship with an entrepreneur that inspired her to create The EntrepRenewer™ - a couple-centric coaching program. Through her personal journey, she learned how easy it was to lose her own identity and sense of fulfillment in an entrepreneurial household.  The further away she got from herself, the harder the relationship became.  It was then that she realized if it could happen to her- a strong, ambitious, independent woman- it could happen to anyone.  She's been changing the game for entrepreneurial couples ever since.

Kelly works with the best of the best in entrepreneurial circles.  She is a sought after forum resource for YPO, EO, Vistage, Million Dollar Roundtable and many other private mastermind companies.  She speaks and facilitates workshops for men, women, and couples at chapter events, forum meetings and retreats.

Want to REALLY get the best of Kelly?  Be sure to sign up for one of her quarterly retreats!  Each quarter she selects an exotic destination to host a retreat of just 6-8 women.  It's the perfect way to get some one-on-one coaching, connect with other incredible women, and take some time just for YOU!

She is also still active in her corporate coaching capacity, as she maintains 3-4 corporate clients/ year.  Her corporate clients retain her for her wisdom and expertise as it relates to maximizing growth, talent, and productivity.

At home, Kelly is a mom who is committed to showing her sons, Will and Luke, all that life has to offer.  The three of them are on a mission to visit all 50 states by 2025 when her oldest son graduates from high school.  Both of her sons are active athletes, honor roll students, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to learn how to turn their passion into a business- and Kelly is DELIGHTED to be showing them the way!

Kim Rulli is a key player at The Entreprenewer and is responsible for getting the wisdom out of Kelly's head and into the online space.  The beauty of this is that Kim demonstrates daily that it's never too late to start pursuing more purpose.  She is self-taught and didn't begin exploring social media or online platforms until after her kids left for college!  That's the power of purpose in action!