Women’s History Month Day 2: JK Rowling

JK Rowling became the first billionaire author ever in the wake of her success with Harry Potter. 

Often celebrated for her perseverance in getting her first novel published after being rejected 12 times, it was actually what happened long BEFORE that first rejection that paved the way to her success. 

I’m honoring JK Rowling as the next noteworthy feminine phenom for using this feminine super power: RECEIVING. 

She describes the experience of coming up with Harry Potter as “the characters dropping into my head, fully formed”. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d be quick to dismiss an idea about wizards, owls, and quidditch. 

Not JK. 

She received that idea and ran with it; all the way to the billionaire’s bank while igniting the hearts and imaginations of the planet. 

Soooo often women are quick to qualify their dreams with phrases like “I know this sounds kinda ridiculous, and I have no idea how to actually do this or if this is even a thing, but I’ve always wanted to…”

Girl, that’s the calling!! RECEIVE IT! Once you put the SLIGHTEST bit of action to it, the path will reveal itself. 

((Sneak Peek- she’ll be back 2 more times this month for maximizing other feminine qualities on her road to success))

Women’s History Month Day 1: Marie Kondo

It’s Women’s History Month! Follow me this month as I feature 31 of my favorite women who are succeeding because of their FEMININE super powers. 

First up : Marie Kondo for Sparking Joy 

Joy is a feminine super power and at its core is a life giving force. Marie’s empire has been built on this one simple concept. Only be surrounded by things that bring you joy. 

What a novel, simple, empowering Feminine approach!

Have you “Marie Kondo’d” your home yet? It’s so rejuvenating isn’t it?

And, in the spirit of Spring Cleaning, consider Marie Kondoing your LIFE. 

What if you only participated in activities, conversations and pursuits that sparked joy? 

I’m teaching you how in my women’s coaching sprint kicking off via web conference on Wednesday March 6. For 12 weeks we’re going to “Marie Kondo” your Finance, Fitness, Family, and Faith. 

Out with the 👎. In with the 😍