705 Million Vacation Days Wasted Last Year!


That’s the number of VACATION DAYS WASTED last year.

Today is National Plan for Vacation Day and here’s why that matters.

💰The travel industry is BOOMING right now so last minute inventory is hard to come by. You’ll pay a premium if you don’t plan in advance

🎁 Life finds plenty of opportunities to spring unexpected stress on us. But very, very rarely do surprise vacations pop up. It’s crucial to be mindful about putting the good stuff in our lives.

🌅 PLAY is actually a prerequisite for success. The more time we spend enjoying our time away from work, the more productive we are at work AND it gives our VIP’s (family) the sense that they are our priority.

⏰ When do you want to use your vacation time? Now, while you enjoy good health an active lifestyle, and growing relationships? Or after retirement, when health and abilities are declining and social/family circles begin shrinking?