Is it OK to Charge for That?

There’s an interesting question women advisors ask that their male counterparts don’t ask. 

In the last two weeks I’ve spoken at a women’s Financial Advisor conference and mostly women’s Travel Advisor conference. 

A common question among them is always: 

“Is it okay to charge a planning fee?” 

The question most men ask is:

“How much can I charge for my planning fee?”

Perhaps it’s because the men I work with are more established in their careers and have reached their pinnacle BECAUSE they charge for their wisdom. 

But there’s a different ramp-up conversation with women to generate the buy-in that their wisdom is valuable and more than worthy of charging a fee. 

The Wisdom Economy is alive and well. Leadership and guidance are SO VALUABLE in a world where options beget more options and we all have decision fatigue. 

What’s it worth for your clients to understand that you are advising based on THEIR best interests, not YOUR commissions.

The ability to cut through the noise, provide viable options, and offer objective perspective is invaluable. 

Consider how much time and energy you are saving your clients to help make empowered choices. What’s that worth?

And then there’s this secret weapon that we have. Our intuition! We have the ability to hit the sweet spot of head + heart in our leadership. What’s THAT worth?!?!!! 

Consider how many hours, resources, and relationships have contributed to ALL your wisdom. What’s it worth for you to condense all of that into one concise conversation? 

One of my favorite strategies for determining your fee is to pick a number in your head. 

Now double it. 

Women are notorious for doubting our worth. But getting that first check is a great reminder that we’re worth so much more than the products we sell. 

Having someone write you a check just to have your brain on a part of their life? 

More of THAT please!!!

Do what you love  Charge what you’re worth  Be nice at home!