She had TOO MUCH time on her hands and it landed her in Hollywood

After years of striving professionally, she left a high-powered career she excelled at to take a break and focus on being a wife. “I wanted to drop into really taking care of my husband and my marriage. We were both working so much and I was hardly ever home to enjoy this stunning home he built for us. I took a break to focus on us and figure out my next chapter.”

She focused all her creative energy on making them a fantastic home and upgrading life on every level. And for the first year or so, it was invigorating. They both reveled in the ease her singular focus created in their life together. 

It was magic…until it wasn’t. 

Eventually she had their excellence on auto-pilot and her strategic thinking wasn’t needed anymore. For most of my clients, this is where life starts to go off the rails. It shows up as various symptoms:

🛍 shopping (over-spending)

📱 social media (comparing & illusions of insufficiency)

💔 sex (infidelity)

❌ stagnation (the downward spiral of inaction, second guessing and self-doubt)

In the months and years of her “freedom” she created a prison of overthinking every life choice she had ever made. She entertained herself with indecision and concocting scenarios that would threaten her marriage. She got good at focusing on all the things her husband WASN’T and convinced herself she had become the orbit of their marriage. If she began working again it would all fall apart, she concluded. Every time she got a job offer, she backed off as a gesture not to upset the apple cart. 

When I spoke to her husband about this, he said “Kelly, look. I don’t need a wife. If she’s at yoga when I wake up in the morning, you know how long it takes me to get out the door every morning? Twenty five minutes instead of 15. Ten extra minutes. That’s it! What good is having a wife if she’s dead inside? So, no, I don’t need her here to be a wife. I need HER- lit up again.”

He had been telling her that for YEARS, but when she heard it on our call together, she truly heard it for the first time. 

And now, our girl is finally off on a six month adventure that will put her smack in the center of Hollywood on a hit series surrounded by the movers and shakers. Most importantly, she’ll be fully immersed in her talents and juicing up her brain again. 

And when she gets back, with an amplified soul and a pulsing network, her possibilities only multiply. Go get ‘em, girl! 

We’re behind you all the way!!