Coach Kelly Clements

Entrepreneur & Spouse Coach

Entrepreneurship is a wild ride and it takes the right person to pull it off successfully. With over 90 percent of entrepreneurs failing once or more in business, it's no wonder the divorce rate is for entrepreneurs is so high.  The journey of entrepreneurship is wrought with extreme highs and lows. Add a spouse to the mix and you either have a secret weapon--or a recipe for disaster!

For the spouse, marrying into an entrepreneurial relationship can prove to be either a tremendous blessing or a blasted curse. Because a spouse plays such a crucial support role to the business owner, it is imperative to invest in the individual growth of the spouse as well as the entrepreneur.  The spouse can make or break the business as much as the business could make or break the spouse.

Due to the constant demands of the business and family, couples are often left feeling deflated, overwhelmed, and underdeserved. The entrepreneur is hyper-focused on maximizing their potential in the business. The spouse is caught up in the inertia of everyone else's goals and dreams.

I've lived in the uncertain environment of the entreprenuerial household on both sides of the equation- as the entrepreneur and as the partner of one. I've coached hundreds of entreprenuerial couples for the past fifteen years.  I can help empower the entrepreneurial couple to grow together and reach their full potentials both personally and professionally.

The love relationship is the most powerful factor in maximizing business success. Yet, too often, these two crucial aspects of life are at odds with each other. The secret is:



Let me show you how to step into that reality.



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